The woman is revealed to have been relationship Mikado

Later on on the health, Anri and you may Masaomi is actually gift ideas whenever Mikado gets upwards out-of their wounds. She plus confirms in order to Akabayashi you to definitely she’s emotions to have Mikado and this they truly are her very own.

Durarara!! SH [ ]

She also starts running her relatives store, Sonohara Hallway. As starting her business, she obtains repeated check outs of Kasane Kujiragi for business interactions.

Immediately after a number of their normal users, Yahiro, Himeka, and you may Kuon, get off Sonohara Hallway, she’s eventually contacted because of the an as yet not known guy just who needs for her to sell this lady Saika or to also make your a beneficial ‘child.’ Seeing as this woman is unwilling to do so, the guy actually leaves but intends to review various other date. Later one nights, she has a break-in the with a few items regarding the stores taken.

Mika Harima Arch [ ]

Anri manages Saika’s youngsters and you can happens immediately after Haruna and you will Takashi. Immediately after Haruna requires exactly how Anri fled and you will attempts to slashed the woman, Anri reveals herself because correct wielder of Saika. Just after a brief endeavor, Anri pins Haruna down and shows their past. She tells off their abusive dad and exactly how this lady mother made use of Saika so you can destroy him as he almost slain Anri. When Anri touched new blade, she read Saika’s sound talking to her. Anri decided to remain Saika hidden within herself regarding that go out into the, locking away the lady feelings in the act, and this can be the only method she could have existed sane compliment of Saika’s neverending proclamations out of like inside their.

Anri match having Mikado and you may Aoba the following day, where Aoba renders the girl uncomfortable from the striking for her, and you may Mikado try instantaneously accosted because of the a number of ex-people in this new Red Jewelry seeking payback. He or she is saved from the Walker and Erika, exactly who rapidly remove her or him into their van. It note that Mairu and you will Kururi are regarding the van with these people, and you will Mikado requires the proceedings. Kyouhei apologizes to them on hauling men to their clutter. Anri plus the other people are confused up to it pick several users out-of a biker gang named Toramaru immediately following her or him. After several hours, he could be registered because of the Celty, that is becoming chased from the more members of the newest biker gang, and you can she relays this lady propose to Kyouhei. They fundamentally discover an enthusiastic overpass, in which Celty keeps brand new Toramaru professionals out-of given that Kyouhei and you can Saburo drive new higher schoolers out of the endeavor, dropping her or him of close a police channel. Kyouhei’s gang drives back again to let Celty, and you may Anri and Mikado and work at back into make an effort to help, having Anri contacting over to any one of Saika’s people about town. She senses Egor in the wallet Celty try hauling and instructions your to aid the woman. In the event the a couple of her or him appear, Ruri Hijiribe, concealed as good headless knight, is served by inserted about battle, and you can she and you can Egor properly defeat the Toramaru people trapped in the Celty’s net.

The complete race try interrupted of the arrival out of Shizuo which incapacitates all kidnappers. After Shizuo starts going after Vorona, Kyouhei and someone wantmatures else query Anri regarding the the woman Katana. Anri try reluctant to let them know the full info, although others know and you will take on their getting who she actually is hence touches Anri. Anri looks available for Mikado however, cannot appear to look for him anyplace. She returns family, sick, and logs about the chatroom. She produces a discuss exactly how blank the newest message board might have been has just and you may logs out of, unaware of the alteration who may have occurred in Mikado’s heart.

Anri appear later to help you Masaomi and you will Mikado’s showdown, that have Saki. Just like the Saki hangs straight back, the 3 friends tell you its tips for each other, when you are chuckling and you will cheerful. Suddenly, Nasujima appears about Anri, and you will tries to stab this lady, however, Mikado leaps in the manner, and you will requires this new blow as an alternative. That it enrages Anri to your trying to attack their previous teacher, only for Haruna in order to intercept the girl and protect Nasujima, who she’d decrease that have immediately after they are stepped on by Togusa.

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